Veteran Program

We are a VA community care provider. We provide acupuncture services not covered directly at the local VA. We feel that you deserve quality healthcare that works.

Augusta Acupuncture Clinic is one of the top 5 VA Community Care Network Providers (VACCNP) in the CSRA/Augusta GA area.  Before opening Augusta Acupuncture Clinic, Dr Eric Sherrell was also the lead acupuncturist at Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center (DDEAMC) for five years.  He created his new clinic, so he could further his focus on helping his fellow brother and sister Veterans.

Many Veterans have never received acupuncture and are scared of the unknown. At Augusta Acupuncture Clinic, we make it our mission to make you feel comfortable and to educate you about the process and how acupuncture can help you.  We look forward to meeting you soon.

Did you know US Veterans now qualify for 100% covered acupuncture treatments through the Veterans Choice Programs?

The Veterans’ Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2014, also called the Veterans Choice Act, is a public law that provides funding for Veterans so they may seek treatment outside of the VA.

The law stipulates you must live 40 miles away from the nearest VA hospital or be unable to get an appointment within 30 days. However, because there are no acupuncturists currently working at the VA everyone who qualifies for medical coverage through the Department of Veterans Affairs automatically qualifies for 100% covered Acupuncture treatments through the Veterans Choice Program.

Dr. Eric Sherrell

Being a Disabled Veteran himself and coming from a long history of Veterans, Dr Sherrell is dedicated to helping as many Vets out as he can, helping them live the life they want to lead, instead of the life they have settled for. He has decades of experience working with military and veterans. Many Vets are amazed at the results they have gotten working with Dr Sherrell.  See the Video Testimonials section for examples of Veterans whose lives have changed after visiting Augusta Acupuncture Clinic.  Just know that you are in good hands and he will understand your point of view.