Proven Methods for Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis Pigmentosa is a disorder that plagues thousands of Americans every year.

Sadly, RP is among the leading causes of blindness, which progresses over a period of 10-40 years. RP is one of the more difficult conditions to treat, and it can take a significantly longer time to treat effectively than other chronic degenerative eye conditions.

In Chinese medicine, RP represents a nutritive liver blood and and functional spleen and kidney Yang-Qi energy. When the liver blood is poor or insufficient, the eye does not receive nourishment for healthy function and structural regeneration. Yang-Qi weakness coupled with low-grade inflammation can indicate possible autoimmune situation and slowing metabolic activity.
Due to the highly complex nature of Retinitis Pigmentosa, it takes a custom health program to see the best results.

How can Dr. Sherrell Help me with My RP?

Every patient is different and results may vary however, patients will usually notice improved visual fields, color vision, contrast, sharpness, dark adaptation and night vision. We typically recommend continuing series treatments until no further improvement is seen –in most cases this is about the first year.
All patients receive a custom health program created by Dr. Sherrell specifically for them.
Your RP health program can include:


Chinese Herbs

Functional Medicine

Lifestyle Changes

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