Augusta Acupuncture Clinic does not just help you feel better, but actually BE BETTER! Now, you can improve your health outside of the clinic with Dr. Sherrell’s video series “Being Better.”

This health broadcast covers a wide range of topics, making you think differently about acupuncture and your health. Have fun with Dr. Sherrell while you learn about your health and more!

Episode 1:

Your health condition does not have to control your life. You are more than your disease and there are modalities available to you so you can get your life back!

Episode 2:

We all know life can get busy sometimes, but our mental health is still important. Come on a journey with me as we discuss methods and modalities to achieve the mental breaks with all need.

Episode 3:

What is the true meaning of being tough? Toughness is not about hiding your pain, but it is about vulnerability and sharing it with others. Join Dr. Sherrell as he discusses why men struggle dealing with their health.

Episode 4:

Does acupuncture really work? Dr. Sherrell explains the in’s and out’s of acupuncture and debunks common acupuncture stereotypes!

Episode 5:

Have you been considering acupuncture but are unsure what the experience is actually like? Dr. Sherrell gives you an inside scoop on your 1st acupuncture visit!

Episode 6:

Do you know what it means to be responsible? And how does that affect your health? Join Dr. Sherrell as he reveals the secrets to living a healthy and responsible life!

Episode 7:

Did you know Dr. Sherrell has been alcohol-free for a whole year?! Learn how he did it to be better and live healthier!

Episode 8:

What does your health mean to you? Join Dr. Sherrell as he talks us through how you can discover what taking care of your health is worth to you!

Episode 9:

Check out these secrets that your doctors don’t want you to know about! From tracking your health progress to what it truly means to be pain-free, Dr. Sherrell goes over it all!

Episode 10:

Needles can be scary…right? Actually, they’re not scary at all! Join Dr. Sherrell as he talks you through how acupuncture needles help you maximize your health.

Episode 11:

Do you know how POWERFUL Chinese herbs really are? Sit back and watch Dr. Sherrell show you what Chinese Herbal Medicine can really do!

Episode 12:

How often should you get acupuncture treatments? How can you optimize your acupuncture experience? All good questions and Dr. Sherrell is here to answer them all! Cross the finish line toward your health goals with Dr. Sherrell’s advice!

Episode 13:

What do you do when your doctor tells you there’s nothing else they can do? Well, Dr. Sherrell has an idea!

Episode 14:

Did you know Dr. Sherrell is a US Army Veteran who served with the 82nd Airborne Division as a Paratrooper? PTSD is not an easy thing to live with, but Dr. Sherrell has a natural solution that has helped many!

Episode 15:

Too busy to take care of your health? Are you ready to maximize your existence? Dr. Sherrell shares how you can get optimal health even with a busy life.

Episode 16:

What can you do for your health if your doctor said “I can’t help you?” Dr. Sherrell talks about the importance of having a flexible mindset rather than a victim one so you can take real action to benefit your health.

Episode 17:

Do you know what the next step is after you recover from COVID? Dr. Sherrell talks about how Chinese medicine can possibly help you breathe better and have better blow flow after you get COVID.

Episode 18:

Can a beard really affect your health and your life? Well of course! And Dr. Sherrell shows us why. Listen to these facts about how awesome beards can be!