One Simple Way to Boost Your Immune System

There is one simple thing that everyone should be doing to increase their oxygen intake: EXERCISE!

While this won’t prevent people from contracting a virus, it will Boost Your Immune System so your body is stronger when fighting off all disease.

I am going to share with you my top exercise that I do to increase my oxygen intake up to 50%!

I’ve been doing this SIMPLE exercise for over 10 years.

Simple Steps to Increase Your Oxygen Levels


  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Make sure your chest is straight up, look straight ahead.
  • Slightly bend your knees.
  • Swing your arms – stop your arms at 90° so that they are parallel to the ground (see photo).
  • Swing your arms at whatever speed you are comfortable with; fast or slow.
  • Do this 100 times, at least once a day.


Again, this exercise is not intended to heal or prevent any illness. Exercise is simply meant to boost your immune system and to elevate your oxygen readings.

Seriously, try this arm swing 100 times and just see how you feel.