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There are more than 100 autoimmune diseases;

Here are common ones that respond well to our customized functional medicine programs:


Rheumatoid Arthritis




Multiple Sclerosis


Celiac Disease


Thyroid Disorders


Addison’s Disease

Adrenal/Cortisol Issues

Autoimmune disease can be difficult to diagnose and hard to treat.

When a person suffers from an autoimmune disease it means their own immune system is attacking the body and altering or destroying the tissues. Conventional medicine treats one of the symptoms of the autoimmune condition and not the real reason you might have an autoimmune disease.

At Augusta Acupuncture Clinic, we understand that there are many factors to an autoimmune disease. Instead of having a standard protocol for all autoimmune diseases, we create a custom health plan for you.

How can Dr. Sherrell help me with my autoimmune disorder?

Many people struggling with an autoimmune disorder can experience high levels of stress because of their disorder. We understand that you just want to lead a “normal” life and leave the severe pain and other symptoms behind.
This is exactly why Dr. Sherrell wants to find the real reason you are having an autoimmune disease and correct it instead of just covering up your symptoms.
During our new patient process, we sit down with you for a detailed exam. This exam will give us time to truly listen to your concerns and health problems. After a physical exam, Dr. Sherrell will create a custom health plan that may include:


Chinese Herbs

Functional Medicine

Lifestyle Changes

I’m Ready! How can I Meet Dr. Sherrell?

We provide highly successful natural treatments with time-tested and proven clinical results for your autoimmune issues. We are here for you every step of the way and we genuinely care about helping you achieve the best results possible.
If you or anyone you love is seeking an alternative that helps YOU and not just your autoimmune disorder, then Augusta Acupuncture Clinic is for you.

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See some of our Autoimmune Program success stories below!

“Since my first appointment with Dr. Sherrell, the pain is GONE. It’s also started to help me with my arms and pelvic maneuvers as far as moving around. I’m back driving again, I had not been able to drive for almost a year. The regular daily activities were very difficult and as time goes on it gets so much easier. I absolutely would recommend Augusta Acupuncture Clinic.”