Natural Thyroid Restoration

At Augusta Acupuncture Clinic we create custom treatment plans for individual thyroid problems.

Thyroid Triggers

Thyroid problems have a wide variety of effects, usually specific to each individual who is experiencing problems. With such a wide array of effects, the triggers of thyroid problems can be rooted in various dilemmas, such as:

Food sensitivities
Iodine levels
Hormone imbalances

Birth control

Insulin surges
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#1 Prescribed Medication: Thyroid

So many patients battle their thyroid problem their whole life. Most conventional fixes include a prescribed thyroid medication. However, most medications only resolve a few thyroid problems, usually for a short time period, resulting in long term damage. Most of those struggling with thyroid problems end up with more than one medication to resolve the various effects of thyroid problems. Effects including: 

  • Muscle fatigue & pain
  • Tired, sluggish
  • Can’t lose weight even with exercise
  • Difficult/infrequent bowel movements
  • Thinning hair

No “Cookie Cutter” Thyroid Approach

Simply taking thyroid hormones does not begin to address the complexities of this disease. Until all of the triggers are identified, feeling better lies within removing these triggers systematically.

We deal with these problems everyday. Augusta Acupuncture Clinic provides great natural methods to address the real thyroid problems, getting you back to prime health.

How Can Dr. Sherrell Help Me?

Dr. Sherrell deals with the body as a whole, rather than on individual “parts.” 

Everything is “connected,” and vision can be influenced by all organs in the body. 

At this point you should realize that your thyroid condition may have not been managed properly with your previous/current thyroid treatment.

Begin your thyroid restoration journey with Dr. Sherrell, where he listens closely to patients, and works to create a custom treatment plan for individuals.


Chinese Herbs

Functional Medicine

Lifestyle Changes

I’m Ready! How can I Meet Dr. Sherrell?

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