Who Determines What Your Insurance Will Cover? Medicare.

What does Medicare say about your quality of life?

Insurance has been a love hate relationship for many. One main reason we choose not to work with insurance can be summed up into “Care”.  When we are not limited by your health insurance’s standard of “care”, we are able to provide therapies and treatments that heal the root cause of your discomfort.  Medicare sets the standard of care for all insurance companies. They state that “Care that seeks to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong and enhance the quality of life, is not considered medically necessary. -Medicare (2251.3)”.

We Do NOT Accept Medicare.

The current law states that Medicare can only be accepted in facilities where an MD is present and a licensed acupuncturist performs the action to relieve back pain or other chronic pain conditions. Based upon these standards, our clinic does not qualify to bill Medicare for acupuncture services. The current law was created for large hospitals. 

Why Do We NOT Accept Insurance?

We care about our patients and do not mask your pain to create repeat customers. Our treatment model seeks to heal you from the inside out, and then allow you to live your best life. Working outside of insurance’s standards of care allows us to do so.

Invest In Your Health

At Augusta Acupuncture Clinic, we believe care with the intent to heal your pain and not mask it, should be accessible for all. Click the button below to speak with a team member of Augusta Acupuncture Clinic for more information and to schedule.