Do You Suffer From A Thyroid or Autoimmune Disorder?

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When thyroid hormones become either too high or too low chemical reactions all over the body are thrown off.
Some perform as they should…
Some more…
Some less…

How do you know that you’re in trouble with your thyroid?

Thyroid health is essential to you feeling good and living well.

We’ll know during this first visit and more importantly YOU WILL know whether or not our unique Thyroid Disorder Treatment program is going to help you or not!

If we can help you we will let you know and if we cannot help you we will be glad to make a referral.

Either way, we guarantee you answers!

What Our Patients Are Saying!

By far the BEST ACUPUNCTURIST in the CSRA. I could not have any normalcy without Dr Sherrell. I have been receiving treatment over 2 years now and could not live without acupuncture from Augusta Acupuncture Clinic.


After over 5 years of treatment, I am still very satisfied with the results I receive from treatment at Augusta Acupuncture Clinic.

Very knowledgeable & professional. I have had acupuncture before with 2 different specialists, and I could tell from the first visit that his skill and experience exceeded both of them combined.


Dr. Sherrell is a phenomenal acupuncturist/herbalist – extremely knowledgeable, experienced, very skilled with needling and funny with a chill bed-side manner; I love that he’s a veteran because I am as well. I feel that he really understands me and you can feel how much he deeply cares for all his patients! He helped me with my anxiety beyond what I thought was possible. Thank u so much!!! Love y’all!