We Provide Relief For Our Patients.

Here’s the Proof…

When I came, I thought there were no answers for me. I think my biggest fear was, I would never be able to use my legs again. I would never feel strong again. I’m able to walk now, 3 miles. The pain that I’ve had, which I never thought I would get rid of in my back and my hip area is now improved, I would say at least 60 -75%. I have and always will recommend Augusta Acupuncture Clinic.”

“Since I started coming here, I’ve been able to sleep better. I’ve been dealing with this for 10 years now, and this is the first time I’ve actually gotten some legitimate pain relief. I’m getting more restful amounts of sleep, I’m waking up feeling more energized, and I’m actually not in as much pain. Dr. Sherrell knows exactly what he’s doing, he’s a good guy.”

“Acupuncture has helped me immensely, it alleviates a lot of the pain, freezes up a lot of the pinch points and sore muscles. Acupuncture allows me to exercise and the exercise helps me manage a lot of work related stress. The acupuncture is a nice way of balancing the stress of work, the long hours, the exercise and just the general aches and pains that you get by living a normal life.”

“Acupuncture has probably cut my pain level in half across the board and I see significant improvement in my quality of life and the things I can do day-to-day. It has allowed me to do physical activities that I was backing off of because of the pain. It has allowed me to sleep better, not having to deal with the stiffness and pain to the level I was prior to acupuncture.”

Since my first appointment with Dr. Sherrell, the pain is GONE. It’s also started to help me with my arms and pelvic maneuvers as far as moving around. I’m back driving again, I had not been able to drive for almost a year. The regular daily activities were very difficult and as time goes on it gets so much easier. I absolutely would recommend Augusta Acupuncture Clinic.

“Acupuncture has made (fatigue) it much better. I can actually get through the day without having to take five meds. And my mood is much improved. Acupuncture has made it easier to do each day. I had about given up there for a while. I felt like I was at a crossroads, either giving up and dying or finding an out, and this was an out and it actually WORKED!”

“It has significantly reduced my pain. Definitely reduced the amount of flare ups that I used to get where I couldn’t do much. I just had to lay down. That has hardly happened since I started acupuncture. So it allows me to do a lot more activities that I wasn’t able to do before. Being able to do the things that I love have definitely helped improved my quality of life!” 

“I was having bad headaches, back pain, joint pain, and I wasn’t sleeping very well. Since I’ve been taking it (acupuncture), I sleep better now. My headaches have completely stopped. The pain in most of my joints are getting there. But, mostly it has been 100% effective!”

“I think the value of acupuncture is in its holistic approach to healthcare. Really helping the body to heal itself. I know in my case my siatic pain has greatly decreased. I’ve got far better range of motion in my shoulder and I’m sleeping much better now.”

“Acupuncture has helped a lot. I can bend more, I can do more things around the house, and I can get in and out of my car a lot better than I could before. I already have (recommended Augusta) but they’re just afraid to come.”

“My actual Doctor had sent me to Physical Therapy which didn’t help whatsover. I had been talking to my neurologist and nothing seemed to help. I’ve got back to where I can do just about anything I could do before, now. Taking my grandkids bike riding, working in the garden, doing normal mundane stuff around the house.” 

“It (acupuncture) has helped with my back pain, it has also helped me with my hamstring. My first session and the ones after actually helped me pass a kidney stone without it lodging, it also helped with a Urinary Tract Infection, which is gone now. I actually have been able to sleep a little bit better and I’m less stressed.”

“Acupuncture has given me the ability to walk without pain a little more. It has improved my situation. I am able to walk more, and start an exercise program. I would recommend it to anyone. I used to have daily headaches but I have only had one in two months since I started acupuncture.”

“It has improved my lower back pain significantly and the anxiety has come less often than usual. I am able to walk around more, because I used to not be able to walk around a lot because of my back pain. So I am able to do a lot more with the kids. I sleep better because I don’t wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety attacks.”

“The tinnitis has actually decreased in volume and the tone has improved. The ringing in your ears is lessened so it’s helped.”

“It has greatly reduced my overall pain. All my joints are much less painful and I’ve got a lot more range of movement. Decreasing my pain has allowed me to exercise more, allowed me to be more active the way I used to be. I don’t feel severe pain in my ankles walking down the stairs every morning.”