Struggling with Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s: Overview

Parkinson’s is a disease that affects movement and is a progressive nervous system disorder. Symptoms begin slowly, and worsen over time. Common symptoms of Parkinson’s include tremors, and muscle stiffness, which both begin to slow movement. Other symptoms of Parkinson’s include:




Slowed movement


Rigid muscles


Impared posture or balance


Change in speech


Change in writing

arthritis pain

What causes Parkinson’s?

Currently, there is not a found cause for Parkinson’s Disease, however, there are several factors that happen to appear in most of those suffering from Parkinson’s. 

  • Gene
  • Environmental triggers
  • The presence of lewy bodies
  • Alpha-synuclein found within lewy bodies

These factors not only cause the common symptoms known for Parkinson’s, but also can cause other complications. Complications such as, thinking difficulty, having a hard time swallowing, chewing and eating, bladder problems and constipation.

Skip the surgery and visit Dr. Sherrell

It may seem crazy, but without knowing the exact cause of Parkinson’s disease, clinical doctors suggest surgery to regulate certain areas of the brain, in hopes of easing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. At Augusta Acupuncture Clinic, we strive to avoid invasive surgeries and heal the body naturally. With this approach, Dr. Sherrell takes time to evaluate each individual, listen to the needs, and create a customized treatment plan.

Treatment plans include natural practices that are custom to individual needs:


Chinese Herbs

Functional Medicine

Lifestyle Changes

I’m Ready! How Can I Meet Dr. Sherrell?

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