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The key to good health is good blood flow and functionality. Acupuncture increases blood flow allowing the nervous and arterial systems to work at their maximum capacity. Acupuncture is the insertion of pre-sterilized disposable one-time use needles into specific locations in order to get a specific result.

As required by law, I use one-time use, pre-sterilized, disposable needles.

Acupuncture is used by millions of Americans every year. Acupuncturists are required to undergo extensive education, including detailed study of human anatomy and training in Clean Needle Technique. I have passed comprehensive national board examinations administered by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and I am a Licensed Acupuncturist by the State of Georgia. 

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Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs are often used in conjunction with acupuncture for added therapeutic effect. While many cultures have herbal medicine traditions, the sophistication of Chinese herbal medicine is unsurpassed. Chinese herbal medicine has a long history reaching back several thousand years, and the resulting system is now used to treat everything from the common cold to symptoms associated with cancer.

We tailor individualize a course of treatments to meet your unique health needs.

There are thousands of herbs in the Chinese materia medica, of which about 300 are commonly used. You will generally receive a mixture of several different herbs in a formula that has been tailored to your condition.

Eric Sherrell offers Acupuncture in Augusta, GA 


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Movement for Life ™

We teach Basic Qi Gong/Nei Gong/ Martial Arts Exercises to all of our patients. These individualized and specific exercises will increase blood flow and nerve conduction, resulting in faster recovery and a decrease in pain. Below is an example of an exercise for shoulder/arm/wrist/hand pain.