Naturally Healing Hashimoto’s Disease

What is Hashimoto’s Disease?

Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the thyroid. With the body at war with itself, Hashimoto’s disease causes the thyroid to not produce enough hormones in the body, or to stop hormone production in general. With a hormone imbalance, or the lack thereof, can have a variety of side effects on the body:


Weight gain






Inability to get warm


Joint and Muscle Pain


Irregular/heavy menstrual cycle

arthritis pain

Hashimoto’s Flare Ups

The actual cause of Hashimoto’s is not exactly known yet, there are common triggers that usually lead to the toxic roles of Hashimoto’s in the body. Hashimoto’s flare ups are usually triggered by:

      – Food sensitivities
      – Iodine
      – Hormone imbalances
      – Birth control pills
      – Genes
      – Radiation Exposure

Hashimoto’s Disease / Acupuncture / Chinese Herbal Medicine

Naturally healing/controlling Hashimoto’s disease begins with getting rid of the medications, so Augusta Acupuncture Clinic can get to the bottom of your Hashimoto triggers.

Usually when naturally healing an autoimmune thyroid disease, lifestyle changes are soon to be implemented.

That’s why Dr. Sherrell takes his time to listen and accurately provide you with a custom treatment plan, enabling you to begin your health journey.

Dr. Sherrell treating Hashimoto’s Disease

Having extensive training in acupuncture, including Transitional-Doctorate in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, and has been practicing for 10+ years, Dr. Sherrell wants to find the real source of the pain. This allows him to work with the patient closely, and create a plan for treating Hashimoto’s.

Treatment plans include natural practices that are custom to individual needs:


Chinese Herbs

Functional Medicine

Lifestyle Changes

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