Chinese Herbal Medicine For Allergies

You don’t have to suffer through your allergies.  Chinese Herbal Medicine can give you the relief you are searching for. At Augusta Acupuncture Clinic, we create the right combination for each person so help with their specific needs.

Benefits of Using Herbal Medicine for Allergies


Boost your immune system


Fix the problem, not just covering up the problem


Give your body a chance to heal itself

Treat Allergies With Chinese Herbal Medicine

There has been great success with treating allergies with Chinese herbal medicine. Herbs are prepared to target your specific symptoms. Not all patients have the same symptoms and need formulas that are designed with their symptoms in mind. 

We take an individualized approach to your healing.  Herbal medicine, paired with acupuncture has the power to relieve allergies. With proper testing and evaluation, we create a treatment plan that will help you restore your health.

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