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The Beginning

by Eric Sherrell, DACM, LAc

Augusta Acupuncture Clinic has been open for 2 years now.  Since we opened, I've contemplated writing a Blog and never did.  It is now time! My wife has been prodding me ever so gently for the past 8 years to do this.  Written blog.  Video blog.  Whatever.  Just get the info out to the people that need it.  Okay.  Okay.  I'm sometimes a bit slow (usually not, but this time yes).  It's way over-due and I owe a lot of late-fees on this one.  Whew!  So here we go...

My life is super busy.  My wife and I run a busy clinic.  We have a 6 year old boy, 3 year old daughter and a newborn son.  We run them all over town for school, appointments and activities.  I'm sure your life is busy also.  It is the modern way.  So, adding in one more weekly or daily activity is hard to do.  Probably why I put this off for so long.  However, I'm realizing its way too important to procrastinate any longer!

Information.  That is the key to knowledge and understanding.  I will be posting here daily, weekly and monthly.  These posts will also go out to my email list.

So what are you going to be writing about?  Good question.

A lot of things.  More than what is listed below, but this is a good start.  Remember, this is my first time doing this.  Lol

  • Acupuncture - different types, styles and what the heck is this?
  • Chinese Herbs - what are these?  How can they help me?
  • Nutrition - that you can use on a daily basis to make easy changes in your life.
  • Exercises - Martial Arts, Dao Yin, Nei Gong, Videos, etc
  • The Integrative Nature of Acupuncture into a Western Persons Life & Health

My posts will include the following:

  • Links - to other articles, videos, etc that I believe will aid you in your quest for a more informative healthy life.
  • Unique points of view from myself and colleagues.
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Quotes both new and old.
  • I will share my life's journey thru this medicine, from a young age to my apprenticeships, and more formal learning at Regionally Accredited College's in the United States.

I look forward to this new opportunity to share with you all of my insights into this powerful and wonderful gift, known as...How do we enjoy life while we are here???  ;)

My future blog posts will be a lot less formal and more conversational in nature.  I hope you enjoy them.  Take care and talk soon.  :)

In Good Health,
Dr Eric Sherrell, DACM, LAc

p.s.  Here is a fun Exercise Video for Memorial Day Weekend!  Enjoy!!!

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